About Capitol Renegade

Capitol Renegade is the latest addition to the Capitol Cadillac family of dealerships. Founded in 1934, Capitol Cadillac is an institution in the Washington, DC markets. We will celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2014, and we are still a family owned and operated business. Capitol Renegade was formed in 2010 through our involvement in the Motorsports industry. By chance a friend that was being relocated needed to sell his Renegade rig and purchase a new vehicle in exchange. A deal was made and as they say, the rest is history!

Since our inception as a Renegade dealer we have become the leader in new innovative ideas and changes to the Renegade brand. Through our own experiences as Racers and Custom and Antique car collectors we have added many new designs to the product. As an example, we are the first to add 2 – 18” slides to a Toterhome so they can be fully extended in the confines of close pit parking. Our liftgate trailers were also the first to offer dual 14k air ride axles in a spread configuration to increase maneuverability especially when backing up. Our IKON Motorcoach models are examples of the latest and greatest in style, function and design.

The Capitol TeamIn 2013 we added inTech all- aluminum trailers and United trailers to the portfolio. We found that many of our friends needed a quality trailer at an affordable price and they wanted to buy it from someone they trust. After careful research of the many trailers brands out there we chose these two. In our opinion inTech builds the highest quality affordable all- aluminum trailer on the market. Their attention to detail is second to none. Likewise, we feel United offers the best value steel frame trailer on the market.

With Renegade, inTech and United we now have something for any budget and any venue. Our goal is to not only sell you the product that you want, but to see you through the entire ownership experience and then be there when you want to purchase your next. For 80 years, our business success has endured by this same formula. When you are considering all your purchase options how many others can truthfully say that and back it up with their actions? Whether you are a Circle Track racer, Drag Racer, Road Racer, Custom or Antique Car Collector, Motorcycle Rider or a Luxury Motorcoach enthusiast, come in and visit to see for yourself what we are all about. You will not be disappointed!

6500 Capitol Drive
Greenbelt, MD 20770
Tel: (877) 925-3311
Fax: (301) 441-1964
Glen Cardelino | GCardelino@ecapitol.com | 301-474-6800
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