Renegade Lift Gate Stacker

The Ultimate Lift Gate Stacker Trailer from Capitol Custom Coaches and Trailers

Don't be fooled by the imatators - we originated this configuration. Our own real life racing and towing experiences drove our design on this Tandem 14K Air Ride Axle Configuration. We know the issues of getting into and out of tight pit conditions as well as the difficulty backing up a 3 axle trailer while turning. The "spread" appearance with the reverse beaver tail skirts that give this trailer its awesome look and cool factor? Our design as well. Why settle for the imitation when you can have the original?

We built this 40' Trailer with an all aluminum frame, the aforementioned Tandem 14K "Spread" axles, with 22.5" Tires. The floor is extruded aluminum and the roof is full walk on with an observation deck and fold down railing. The Dual Purpose Hydraulic lift gate features full tilt open and close that makes loading the car an actual 2 man job - one in the car to steer and one on the ground working the controls. No need to jeopardize the crew with people on the lift gate pushing in the car. Simply tilt the door and the car rolls right in! Ask the imitators how that works?

The design and layout of the cabinets and work surfaces make this the perfect trailer regardless of the type of racing you do. There is ample drawer and cabinet storage for all your tools and equipment as well as plenty of floor space for pit carts, tire carts and 4 wheelers. The Onan 12.5 Generator with a 25 Gallon fuel tank will keep the lights on and the 2.5 Ton Bard A/C unit running an entire race weekend while keeping you cool and dry! The folding rear sliding doors and dual side sliding doors keep the heat out and the cold air in in the summer. We also added an auxiliary heater and a heat strip to the Bard for those cool Spring and Fall days and nights. How do we know all off this? Because we have been to the track and used these trailers. We found out what is neccassary and we built in what is needed. Track Tested!

Contact us today - we're the people who designed this trailer and we'll be happy to discuss all the benefits it has to offer.

Floor Plan/Design: 

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